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"A 360 Review is an attempt to measure the performance of an individual in his or her role from different perspectives thereby giving and overall balanced view. The findings of a 360 Review can then be used to highlight areas of potential growth for the individual or the group as a whole. The review system can also be the springboard from which conversation and exchange flows regarding roles within the business, and a catalyst for `culture change` within the organisation." R Thomas,

The use of 360 Reviews to establish an individual's performance has long been regarded as standard by many Human Resource Departments, but without co-ordinated planning, the results can often show you only half the picture.

Our service can offer you an online 360 Review Tool, and the level of support you need, to get the job done.

  • Your 360 review online, safely, securely and without fuss.
  • Identify individual and departmental training needs.
  • Branded to suit your Company`s image.
  • Use existing competencies and behaviours.
  • Creation of a highly informative summary reports.
  • Use our 360 review software to streamline your paper version.
  • Dependable, Manageable, Affordable.

Our review system not only helps identify strengths and weaknesses but can also be the springboard from which conversation and exchange flows regarding roles within your business, make it a catalyst for `culture change` within your organisation.





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"The concept of 360 degree feedback makes a lot of sense and, if used well, should have a great deal to offer. It seems to suit the move towards the less hierarchical, more flexibly-structured and knowledgebased organisations of the future." Professor Clive Fletcher, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Companies have continued to use the 360-degree process throughout the years because it works. But for it to be worthwhile, the process has to be implemented in a way that engages leaders so they are compelled and motivated to become better at their job. When they learn through the feedback whether othersí perceptions of them are different than their own, identify a weakness to fix or a strength to build, and understand how their leadership is affecting the productivity and engagement of their direct reports, they can use , and act on , that information, to improve themselves and the company in the process.
Too many companies donít take the 360-degree feedback process seriously enough. Often it goes like this: After shopping around and deciding on a 360-degree feedback instrument, talent professionals administer it to the colleagues of each participant. After aggregating the data, those same professionals send a summary report to the leader, who then reads through the report with some interest and puts it away. Sometimes, itís never discussed again.
Dont let this happen with your business !
Use our Online 360 Performance Review Tool to help grow your workforce and therefore your business.


  • Secure, confidential & anonymous
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Use existing competencies
  • Use existing behaviours
  • Likert scale rating system
  • Competency importance rating
  • Verbatim comments per behaviour
  • Overall review comments
  • Unlimited respondent groups
  • Comprehensive review report
  • Review group report
  • Group status report
  • Individual review history report
  • Inputs saved instantly
responsive and mobile friendly

Why us ?

The 360 Degree Performance Review takes into consideration the inputs of all those who come into contact with the reviewee giving an overall balanced view.

  • Our online review software is simple to use.
  • It is secure and anonymous giving respondents the freedom to be open and honest.
  • Our reports are amongst the simplest to interpret.
  • We keep things jargon free.
  • We offer support throughout the entire review process.
  • Our software is perfect for replacing paper driven reviews.
  • Use us for any type of review process.
  • We can save you time and money.
  • Dependable, Manageable, Affordable..
responsive and mobile friendly


  • Fully branded system
  • Create customised reviews from your pool of competencies
  • Full adminstration
  • Automated emails
  • Respondent reminders
  • Backup facility
  • Works with all major browsers
  • 128 bit SSL encyption
  • ISO 27001 certified UK hosting
responsive and mobile friendly

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