Secure, confidential and anonymous
The online 360 reviews and reports are hosted on a 128 bit Thawte encrypted secure server, access to the review and report is by invitation email only, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Respondents are assured complete anonymoity . Reviews and reports can be made inaccessable at the click of a button.

Unlimited reviews
Set up as many reviews as you wish, create custom reviews from your pool of competencies.

Use existing competencies, behaviours, rating scale and respondent groups
If you have an existing paper based 360 Review System we can easily transfer your current competencies, behaviours, rating scale and respondent groups, alternatively we can put you in touch with specialist Training and Development Consultants who can advise you.

Competency importance rating
Each competency has it`s own importance rating for self and manager respondent groups, this can provide invaluable insight into how each see the relevance of actions within the role.
The scale used is from 0 to 5 - unimportant to vital, and apears on the individual`s review report.

Verbatim comments per behaviour and end of review comments
Because our 360 review system is secure and confidential all respondents have absolute anonymity allowing them to add comments about every behaviour they rate. Comments are displayed on the review report in random order and show only the respondent group from which they derive. These comments can be used to justify a rating, to suggest ways of improvement, to give early signs of potential problems and most importantly to be the basis of discussion.

Comprehensive review report
Branded to match your company`s image, colour and incorporating your own logo, our 360 Review Report is one of the easiest to digest, colourful charts, displaying real time data combined with a clear and legible layout make this report outstanding.
The wealth of detailed information it holds not only form the basis of potential training needs and highlights an individual`s strengths, it forms the basis of discussion from which reviewee and respondants can all benefit.
We recommend careful, qualified, analysis and feedback to the reviewee once the review is complete.

Review group, and group status report
Invariably you will undertake a group of reviews, a group of managers, the accounts department etc. etc. The online 360 review software can give you an overall picture of the results of all reviewees in the group for example - it will show what percentage of the group may need to focus on for future training needs aswell as any strengths the group may have.
We also let an overseer in your organisation monitor a group of reviews in real time.

Individual reviewee history report
Each time a review is completed for an individual the system stores the data giving you a history of reviews, this unlocks the potential of seeing the effects of post review training.

Inputs saved instantly
Respondant inputs are saved instantly so there will never be a loss of data, respondants can also log out part way through a review and finish it later.

Onine help pages and 24 hr email support.
Respondants have access to online help throughout the review process.

Fully branded system
Your colours, your logo, your style, we create a fully branded system that appears as yours, you can even choose the wording of the review invitation emails.

Create customised reviews from your pool of competencies
Have a pool of competencies, use our unique `pick n mix` facility to create custom reviews. Review an individual or group of individuals on all competencies or just one, the choice is yours.

Full adminstration
We can administer reviews for you or give you the ability to run the system yourself. Automated invitation and reminder emails giving the estimated time needed to complete the review, also include a `complete by` date. Our Online 360 Review System administration has extensive capabilities and is simple to use.

System backup
We can back up your review data if requested or can provide you with this facility if preferred.

Add Ons
We are also able to add on extra facilities - for example a summary of all inputs for each respondant - or an overview of the review process for respondants prior to giving feedback - please contact us for details.